Friday, July 09, 2010

Beauty greeting from Fish Fish


I am known as Fish Fish online and in real life, for a long time.
Since this is a blog about my own experiences in beauty products and cosmetics, let me just tell you a bit about my appearance.

I have pretty tanned skin for an Asian.
My hair is naturally curly, which is also not common for an Asian.
Small lips, big nose and semi double eyelid (learnt about this on a beauty post).
My face is combination type. Oily on the T zone. Therefore, the review of the products that I have tried is based on this skin type.
My face is round when I put on weight (which is now), and long when I become more fit (I am working to reach this target).
I have large bone frame and big head.

For the longest time, I never paid any attention to take care of my complexion nor do makeup, simply because I never thought it is something that I can cope with.
They just seemed to be too troublesome and complicated for me to figure.

A friend's mother did a remark on me when I was taking a train with her in Japan. She was looking around us, then glanced back at me. After a couple minutes, she bursted out, "Fish Fish, I think I figured out why you and my daughter don't have any boyfriend. Look at all the ladies around you, they all put on makeups nicely, but not the two of you."

LOL I was absolutely stunned by her sudden remark, but I was not offensed. I just thought it was a very interesting point of view.

Years have past since that remark. It is still vividly in my mind.

Today, I have three boxes of beauty products and cosmetics, which I started 6 months ago.

Who would have predicted such a dramatic change. :P

XOXO, Fish Fish

p/s: In case if you want to know about my another blog, which is 6 years old now, please visit Kuishinbo~ Meow~.


Cynthia said...

did you tell your friend's mother that you are married now?


Fish Fish said...

Cynthia dear, I didn't. But I think her daughter told her already. She also has a bf too. ;)