Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Haul: Coach Preferred Customer Event - Poppy Love Charm 92750

My mini haul this time is different from my normal hauls. It is an item I bought from a Coach boutique a few days ago. I got a Customer Preferred Event (more known as PCE among the Coach lovers) email from Coach last Friday, allowing a one-time use of 25% off my total purchase from any Coach boutiques. It is a different kind of discount that you get weekly from Coach outlets.

I have been eyeing on two of their Poppy key rings, which I predict most probably will not end up in Coach outlets. The cheapest way for me to get it is during the PCE.

I am glad  it came at the right time. I got one of the key ring on the spot, while another one have to be ordered from other place. Will definitely post that up when it is here. ^_^

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The key ring came in one of their small size Poppy paper bags.

Way before I was into beauty products and cosmetics, I was very obsessive with handbags, scarfs and accessories since two years ago. I still am. Especially on LV and Coach. For Coach, I could even call the bag name, tell you what materials they are, whether they are botique or made for factory version, and if they are fake. But I have almost stopped buying for the past two months because I already owned what I want, except maybe a couple that I can wait until I get a job. Even though I used my own savings to buy all these things, for the moment, I want my small saving to be ready for more urgent things that might happen unexpectedly.

The PCE broke my ban. However, it was a purchase I am happy with.

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It came in a small Coach box.

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Since it was for my own use, the sales assistance (SA) did not help me to tie a ribbon around it. However, it came with a beautiful gold ribbon, which will be useful for me to wrap a present one day. However, she did not give me a jewelry bag to protect it, I need to go and get it. Not really happy with this SA, not as good as the other SAs in Coach that I have dealed with. 

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Meet my new L.O.V.E., the new Poppy Love Charm (92750).

It is priced US$48, after 25% discount, and plus the 8.75% sales tax, the final price of this charm is US$39.15.

The L.O.V.E. is made with 4 colorful leather materials.

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While the letters were supported by a white leather plate. I usually don't get anything white because it tends to get stained easily, I will try to take the risk this time.

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My favorite part is these beautifully pronged rhinestones. It will be better if the rhinestones rhyme with the color of the letters, but the colorless rhinestones have their own charm too.

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It is much larger than my Poppy Cherry key ring. When hanging on my Jade Audrey, the LOVE just popped out. I feel almost extra sexy and just can't help to hum the L.O.V.E. song by Joss Stone.

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I really lover this type of closure, called claw closure. Before this, most of the Coach key rings have only ring closure with no easy to access opening, and I hate that. In fact, most of my Coach key rings just stayed in my little drawer because of that. When the claw closure came out, I was excited to own one. Since then, I am hooked. It was so much fun to switch my key ring from one bag to another.

Now, I only buy Coach key rings with the Claw Closure.

The one on the right is the older version claw closure on my Poppy Cherry key ring. The left version is the one on my L.O.V.E. charm. The older version does hold tight, yet very easy to release, but with that tiny bump, I sometimes do wonder if it will unlock accidentally one day. With this new version, I don't have to worry about that anymore.

I will definitely be carrying this L.O.V.E. charm a lot nowdays. ^_^

XOXO, Fish Fish



Cute trinkets from Coach, Fish Fish! :) Unfortunately, that's a bit of a luxury for me, so I'll content myself looking at your pictures :) - Trace

Fish Fish said...

Trace, I will not buy Coach outside of U.S. because the price is really ridiculous. But in U.S., you can get a good quality Coach bag with only 1/4 of the original price if ones know the trick. This key charm is more expensive than some of my Coach bag, but since I love it so much, I decided to buy it.