Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Haul: CVS/pharmacy - CVS, Sally Hansen and Almay

After my experiences in finding really good deal in Walgreens, I decided to expand my cosmetics shopping to the other drugstores too. This time is a CVS/pharmacy store. The hubby bought a fan from there, but decided to return it. So I took the opportunity to look at their cosmetics section.

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I managed to get these four items.

A CVS nail glue. I chose this one because it comes with 4 small tubes, which will be more practical for me since I will only use fake nails once in a blue moon. This was the only not on sale item in my mini haul. However, it was only US$2.49 before tax.

Then, I got a Sally Hansen Lip Inflation Color Full in Embrace, a Sally Hansen Diamond Strength No Chip Nail Color in Forever Lilac and a Almay Pure Blends Mascara in Black.

All these three items were at 75% off!

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My total for that day turned out to be US$8.17, I saved US$14.98, almost twice the price I paid.

I think I am enjoying more and more bargain hunting in a drugstore.

p/s: Just used the nail color today, not bad. Nice shimmery lilac. The lip inflation is okay, don't really like the smell and flavor. It does make my lips look more plump. Going to try the mascara and glue soon.

XOXO, Fish Fish


Pink Cotton said...

lol...we ladies will say we saved $xx from this purchase...but guys will say if you hadnt purchased all that you would save even more..

so envious la..the drugstores over tehre have so many goodies...and so cheap too!

Fish Fish said...

Pink cotton: You read Eddie's mind!! That was exactly what he always said. :P I am very pleasantly surprised with my latest discovery on the drugstores too. In fact, not only drugstore, but a lot of stores have clearance section as high as 90% off sometimes. But I never knew the drugstores do too!!