Sunday, July 11, 2010

Makeup: Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips - Sunset Strip/Bronzer and Rosy Glow

I have been using the Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips yesterday and today. Here is my personal opinion about them. I think I like them more and more.

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For the Sunset Strip (left), I used it as eyeshadows, eyebrows liner and bronzer. I like the shimmery effect of the strips on my eyes, but not so much in contrasting my cheekbone and as the eyebrow liner.

For a person who has combination skin, the shimmery strips gave my face a "greasy" effect after 30 min.

Same for the Rosy Glow. The light strips are good to do highlighting under my brows. Beautiful pink series, but I can only apply a thin layer to avoid my face becomes too shimmery. Some people like shimmery effect on their face, I only want this effect on my eyes.

Here is a picture of my two ways of using it.

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Day time look with no mascara. For eyes, I used Too Faced Shadow Insurance as eye primer. Then, I applied a layer of the lightest shade from the Sunset Strip over my whole lid before applying Urban Decay 24/7 eye pencil in Zero to draw my upper and lower lash line. I always applied a layer of eyeshadow before applying my lash line to avoid smudging effect due to the very creamy texture of this eye pencil series. Same for gel type eye liner, always applied a layer of eyeshadow before the eye liner. The eyeshadow base will lock the eye liner. I learnt this technique from a Lancome makeup artist. I don't use liquid eye liner.

After that, I used the darkest color from the Sunset Strip to overlay the eye liner. Always applied little by little, this will avoid too much color that will be hard to be corrected. Above my crease line, I applied the middle strip color. Blend the two to make it smooth and seamless. Applied some of the second darkest brown under your outet 2/3 lower eyelash, right under the eyeliner. All your eyeshadows should be a nice blend of the colors, and there should be no noticeable zone between two colors blending. Then, Just simply dab the lightest strip under your brow bone to give a more defined look. Don't forget to use the same strip to highlight your tear duct area to create a bigger eyes look. I draw my eyebrows using the second darkest color from the strip.

The Rosy Glow was applied by blending the five colors using a blush brush. This blush is too shimmery for me. Since I want my eyes to be noticed, I used a more nude or pinkish lipstick for my lips.

Please see the day time look with eyes opened and closed.

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For night time, I decided to go for something stronger. All I need to do was another two simple steps in less than 5 min.

For the eyes, used the darkest brown to intensify the outer layer of your eyelid. Blend the color in a ">" movement to accentuate the cat-eyes effect.

Next, curl your eyelash (I am now using a cheap, easy to use and effective curler, which of course, in another post) and put on your mascara.

Do you notice the difference of the Day and Night look?

Physician Formula Shimmer Strip in pretty good in creating beautiful brown tone eyes. If you don't like the shimmery part, but you still want this beautiful brown and pink on your cheek, it can easily be corrected by using a simple fast step. That, will be for my next post. Stay tune.

I hope this makeup tutorial from a noob is useful. ^_^

XOXO, Fish Fish


AtelierBeauty said...

They look like alternatives for Bobbi Brown's Shimmer Bricks. I've heard great reviews for this brand, unfortunately it's not available here

Fish Fish said...

Atelier, I have not tried any Bobbi Brown yet though I've heard great things about this brand.