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Products Comparison: Cleanser for Combination Skin - Dr. Ci:Labo, Origins and Lancome

I take my face cleansing very seriously. As a long time user of Dr. Ci:labo products, I even made a post just to talk about it in my food blog.

However, since then, I have tried 5 different types cleansing products, and I found another two that I like very much. It is so hot outside that I already washed my face three times today. It prompted me to think, which of the three that I like is the best.

So here you are, my personal comparison on the three favorite cleansers.

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First is this Super Washing Foam Ex by Dr. Ci:Labo. It is not a well-known brand in U.S. nor many other countries, but it is a popular brand in Japan.

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The Super Washing Foam comes in a tube size of 100g, pricing at US$30. That is 0.30 cents per g, the most expensive among the three. A tube of this last me around 5 months for no-makeup day. But since I have started to use makeup, I predict a whole tube will last me three months.

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Then, during the Earth Day, I got a tube of Origins Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash for free.

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I've seen people talking about how good Origins products are on Youtube, but never really get to try it. I was so glad Origins offered this promotion that made me discovered another great cleanser for my combination skin.

It is retailed at US$18.50 for a 150ml tube. That is 12.3 cents per ml, the cheapest among the three. Although I still have not used it halfway, my estimation is this tube will last about four months with makeup days.

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Then, during the Lancome promotion, I got this for free with my purchase. It is a full size Lancome Creme Radiance Clarifying Cream-to-Foam Cleanser for Normal/Combination Skin.

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Although I am loving quite a few of Lancome products, I have never tried their cleansers before this. I just started using it few days ago and I am already so enjoying its feel on my face. It is retailed at US$24.50 for a 125 ml tube. That is 19.6 cents per ml, making it cheaper than Dr. Ci:Labo, yet more expensive than Origins. A tube of this probably will last me 4 months too as I really only need a small pea size to wash my face per time.

Therefore, in term of volume and price, Origins will be the winner, followed by Lancome then Dr. Ci:Labo (it is ridiculous Dr. Ci:Labo has been increasing its price from time to time).

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Here is a comparison of the smell, appearance of the mousse and foaming power.

Smell: Dr. Ci:Labo is fragrance free. Origins has a toothpaste-like smell. Lancome has a faint floral scent. I like Lancome smell the best, followed by Dr. Ci:Labo then Origins.

Mousse texture: Dr. Ci:Labo and Origins has pretty similar mousse texture, but Dr. Cilabo tends to have higher viscosity. It is like a whipped cream. Lancome is not a pure mousse, it is more like a moussy gel.

Foaming power: Using warm water, Dr. Ci:Labo has the fastest and strongest foaming power. Origins has fast foaming ability too, but not as strong foaming power as Dr. Cilabo. Lancome foams in a different pattern. At first when you rub your palms, no foam is coming out. The gel will be spreaded evenly across your palm, but once the foam is started to form, it has strong foaming power.

Overall, they all feel gentle on the face. Since the cleanser that I use usually give me a dry feel, I always apply moisturizer after my face wash. Therefore, won't be able to tell you their dry feel on face after cleansing.

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However, I did another small experiment to compare their cleansing power. Here is the result of my experiment.

A. Draw three equal lines using Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Flipside. Let them set for 1 min on clean hand.

B. Spread an equal amount of each cleanser of each line. Left: Dr. Ci:Labo, Middle: Origins and Right: Lancome.

C. Drip two drops of warm water and rub the cleanser for about 10 sec.

D. Wait for 30 sec. Rerub the cleanser for extra 10 sec.

The results in C obviously shown that Origins has the best cleansing power, even on a long lasting eyeliner. In fact, after rubbing for about 5 sec only, the blue color just dissolved into the foam. Dr. Ci:Labo and Lancome did not able to get rid of the blue lines effectively.

However, after 30 sec, Dr. Ci:Labo and Lancome managed to clean off the lines when I rerub them. Both of these have equal cleaning power.

I was truly impressed by the cleansing power of Origins. In term of price, volume and performance, Origins is definitely my first choice. Eventhough it comes with a toothpaste-like smell, it did not bother me much.

My second choice will be Lancome. But this experiment reminds me to actually let it sit for a while before rubbing for the second time. It seems like longer time is needed for the foam to bind with the hard-to-clean stain.

I probably will stop buying Dr. Ci:Labo Super Washing Foam Ex, simply because it is too expensive. I do like it, but I have found an equally good product with much cheaper price.

I hope this comparison is helpful. :) Have a good weekends, everybody.

p/s: I just received my FedEx e.l.f. massive haul!! Woohoo!!  Can't wait to open them now.

XOXO, fish fish

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