Thursday, July 15, 2010

Review and Deal: Urban Decay Ultraglide Lip Gloss

If I can only choose one cosmetics brand to like, Urban Decay will be my choice. Although some of their beautifully packaged products are pretty impractical, I have to say they make some of the best cosmetics item, like their eyeshadows (glittery ones excluded) and glide-on eye pencils.

Without realising, I have the most Urban Decay items in my cosmetics collection. One of them is the Ultraglide Lip Gloss (retail price US$17).

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I got these lip glosses about three months ago through Have you ever heard of HauteLook? It is basically an online shopping site that have good offers on many brands.

Here is a brief description about them from their website.

"A leader in online retail, HauteLook brings the thrill back to shopping through 48-hour sale events with the world's top fashion, accessories, beauty, kids and home brands. Each day, HauteLook offers discounts of 50 to 75 percent off to millions of members in the U.S. and Canada. Membership is free to join and everyone is welcome."

If you would like to join, please join through my invitation. Your first time shopping will help me to earn 10 shopping credit, regardless of amount you bought. Thank you. ^_^

Please keep in mind that this site do charge shipping fee no matter how much you buy, and they charge sales tax too based on your shipping address. Even that, it is still a very good deal to pass on sometimes.

I joined it more than 6 months ago. Six days per week, my email inbox will inform me about the brands and discounts that are going on. For many times, I almost tempted to buy something, but I was in good control. Some discounts even go as high as 90%. Also, they have a lot of nice bags and clothes on sales, the famous brands' items sold out pretty fast.

Then, one day, the Urban Decay has to appear too!! And the price was too good to resist. 75% off for selected products! I believed those on-sale intems are going to be discontinued items or not so good selling items. I got myself 6 Ultraglide Lip Glosses (since it was only US$4.25 each), 3 Surreal Skin Mineral Makeups (mineral foundation, retail US$30, offer US$7.50) and a Big Bhuddha Brush (body kabuki brush, retail US$36, offer US$9). My whole purchase cost another US$6 for shipping and and US$5.50 for tax. Even that, my total payment was less then US$70! I saved US$171.

The whole packaging took about 14 days to process and ship out my items, as they have to get the stock from the retailer. It took about three weeks for the items to reach me. Most of my items came in good condition, except for one of the lip glosses leaked a bit. I will definitely order from them again when really good discounts are available for my favorite brands.
For this posts, I will only talk about my personal opinions on the Ultraglide Lip Gloss. I will tell you why after the review.

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I bought 6 of them in Video, Lust, Quiver, O, Gash and Deep. I gave the Video and Lust to my mom and sis. The remaining 4, I kept them.

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They are pretty long and slim if compared to the other lip glosses such as Lancome Juicy Tubes. Each of them have different ingredients (long list), which you can check out from their website.

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The tubes come with a slanted, soft-tech applicator tip.

It is definitely a sleek design, but I don't think it impresses me much. It is hard for me to control the amount I want to squeeze out. I always end up either squeezing too much or too little if I apply it directly to my lips.

I prefer to squeeze it out of the tube, then use my lip brush to take the amount I want to apply on my lips.

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The swatches on my hands show the colors of Quiver, Deep, O and Gash from left to right.

Quiver: A shimmering medium pink with tangerine flavor.
Deep: A rosy pink with cinnamon roll flavor.
O: A deep pink with chocolate cherry flavor.
Gash: A deep shimmering red with cola flavor.

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My lips without any lip gloss.

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My lips after the four different colors. Please bear in mind they are not long lasting, but for me, I can always reapply again. All my lipsticks and lipglosses are not long lasting, as I eat and drink constantly.

I like the shimmery Quiver and the non-shimmery O. Deep is a bit too near to my own lips color and Gash is a bit too deep for me, which will be better for a clubbing night.

These lip glosses do feel smooth on my lips. However, I do feel the "sweet" flavor of each of these lip glosses is a bit overwhelming. I could do with less of these sugars.

Will I get them for US$17? Most probably not. But at the price I paid, it is quite a good to try product, if you don't mind the sweet flavors.

Interested to try? Well, here is a good deal to share with you all. is actually having their Ultraglide Lip Gloss on sales now, only US$5 each before tax! Almost as good deal as what I got! There are 6 colors to choose from. Four of them are shown in this review, so you can have a good idea what they will look in real life.

Besides, other US$5 items include 12 Loose Pigment (powder eye shadows, retail price US$20) and 4 Smoke Out Eye Pencil (a pencil to create smoky eyes, retail price US$14).

I don't own Loose Pigment nor Smoke Out Eye Pencil. However, there are mixed reviews about the Loose Pigment. Some owners think they are too messy to deal with and too glittery. Smoke Out Eye Pencil also do not receive positive reviews, it seems like a product that will make your eyes messy.

My next post, will be about Urban Decay again. Nope, not the eyeshadow palettes yet (I have 4 now, and one more is coming!!!! Guess which one??), but something less well-known under Urban Decay brand.

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Wow, I love Quiver and Deep! :) - Trace

Khymm (Shopcoholic) said...

wow they're so pigmented! love your blog!

Fish Fish said...

Peachy Pink Sisters: Quiver is a very beautiful color!

Khymm: Thank you~~~ Love yours too.