Friday, July 23, 2010

Review: Kat Von D Adorn Temporary Tattoos by TEMPTU

Yesterday, after I went to Coach to buy two keyrings (review coming up soon!), I walked across the mall to Sephora. Wanted to check out if Urban Decay Naked Palette is in stock already (yes, I am that obsessive with this palette) and also to check out other TEMPTU temporary tattoos.

Unfortunately, the TEMPTU tattoos were all sent back to the retailer because new versions are coming up. However, I got some free samples to try!!

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Not exactly by TEMPTU solely, but more like a TEMPTU product for Kat Von D. It is called Kat Von D Adorn Temporary Tattoos Powered by TEMPTU. If you are not familiar with Kat Von D, she is actually a tattoo artist, a reality-TV star, and the owner of High Voltage Tattoo. I have never seen her reality show, but I got to know her through her highly pigmented eyeshadows that I tried in Sephora. They are very smooth. I might get one of her palettes after I start to work again.

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The staff was so kind to let me have one sample for each of the designs and two packs of application pads.

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The bottom was signed with KVD Powered By TEMPTU. I wonder if this is a tattoo too. :P

Anyway, I tried "True Love" yesterday, and I absolutely love it. I was really surprised how easy it is to apply. It basically took less than 30 sec for me to transfer my 1st try over my right arm. Then, all I need to do was to set it with some powder. I used e.l.f. high definition powder to set it, work perfectly!

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See how real is it on my arm? The hubby sent a photo to my sister, she was totally shock I went for a tattoo. LOL

Everytime I see it, I thought I got a real tattoo. This is a great product. The three sample sheets should allow me to do 12 different tattoos. I am already excited thinking how many different tattoos can appear on my body.

One set of this costs US$25. It is actually quite reasonable because it contains 15 Adorn temporary tattoo sheets with all the three designs included, 30 Adorn Tattoo Application Pads and a Adorn Tattoo Setting Powder Jar. It is a better offer than other TEMPTU Adorn Temporary Tattoo Kit that only comes in 9 Tattoo design sheets, 20 Tattoo applications pads and 1 Tattoo setting powder. Some of the reviews also stated that Kat Von D Adorn version is easier to apply. I have yet to confirm that myself. Will make a review after I have tried the samples of TEMPTU Adorn Temporary Tattoo Kit that I received.

I will definitely get myself a set during the F&F sales.

Even after came back from a very sweaty 1 hr gym session, my tattoo still look as new as I just put it on. :)

If you also are a person do not want to have a permanent tattoo, but like to have some tattoo funs, this is definitely a thing for you.

XOXO, Fish Fish


Kimmy said...

these look great!! I just bought the chanel tattoos - will post mine on my blog soon!

Fish Fish said...

Really Kimmy?? Show show!! I am curious about them.