Sunday, July 18, 2010

Review: Urban Decay Apocalyptic Nail Kit

This will be just a short review. I just got back from Orange County Fair. The fair is not that big, but I actually quite like it. The best part has got to be the X-treme Freestyle Moto-X. I touched live pigs for the first time. Very clean, warm and they just sleep all the time.

I was hoping to see cosmetics stalls there, what was I thinking? Hello~~~ it's a county fair.

I don't own many nail polish, except for a small bottle of Sephora blood red color and this, Urban Decay Apocalyptic Nail Kit.

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It was my sister who initiated me to buy it. During the past Friends and Family 30% sales, I helped my sisters to get a few items. This nail kit was one of them. I would not have noticed it if not because of that.

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The price (original price US$26, discounted price US$18, another 30% off during the F&F sales) was a very good deal to own 7 different colors.

So, I got myself a set too.

It comes in 7 Shades: White Widow (white sparkle), Gunmetal (gunmetal sparkle), Apocalypse (black-purple), Grunge (metallic peacock), Meltdown (royal purple), Big Bang (sparkling hot pink) and Fbomb (true red).

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One night, while watching TV with the hubby, I decided to multitask. I tried 6 of the 7 colors on my short fingernails. Please don't laugh, I am a total noob when comes to manicure.

My personal favorites are Meltdowna and Big Bang, they are very beautiful and vibrant. The only color I have yet to try out is the Gunmetal. It's not bad in term of color, however, they also chip easily. Some of them started to chip after two days.

I don't really mind since I am just having them for fun. When I am becoming more skillful, hopefully, I will try out OPI or Essie.

p/s: Just taken a whole lot of photos on my new 52 items from e.l.f. Time for a big haul post soon. ;)

XOXO, fish fish


Pink Cotton said...


i personally feel that OPI nail polish is easier to apply esp if you are a newbie tho..u shud try it :)

and cant wait for the huge elf haul pics..omg

Fish Fish said...

Pink Cotton, posted the huge haul! :P Crap, now I feel like buying the OPI. Maybe just one.