Thursday, July 29, 2010

Shhhh... a little VIP is visitng

Which is why my normal beauty posts will have to be postponed. I hope I will be able to do a short one tomorrow. All the photos are in my another computer, and I can't access it now.

My closed friend, Yuriko is bringing her 19-months princess, Reika to stay with me for a few days. They flew all the way from Ithaca, NY since this morning. One of the flight is delayed, causing another flight flew without them. Luckily they got the next flight two hours later.

Reika has been pretty good despite the long hour travel.

The mother is trying hard to make her sleep on our sofa bed now, since she slept for a few hours on the flight.

I'm very happy to see Yuriko again, and Reika for the 1st time. We have been talking in Skype for time to time, but being able to see her again, is so much better. Tomorrow, we will have a great time having lunch and a nice piece of half price cheesecake in Cheesecake Factory (because it is National Cheesecake Day on July 30th!) , walking down the Mexican market, munching a nice freshly prepared Phillipe's French Dip, touring around Farmer's Market in LA and ending the night with a Vietnamese dinner and a nice strolling in the Disney Downtown. ^_^

XOXO, Fish Fish

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