Monday, July 26, 2010

Time to get more containers

Few months ago, when I just started to do makeup, this nice medium size cosmetics case was just nice to keep my small collection of makeup items.

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However, as my collection is growing bigger and bigger, it caused this nice little case way overflow. Everytime when I did my makeup, there is definitely one or two things that took me forever to dig them out from the box.

I know I need to do something about it.

After sorting them out, only a few groups of items still remain in the box.

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My upper case only consist mineral eyeshadows, some mini perfumes, face sunblock and a few tools.

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My primers, eyecream, powder foundations, blotting items and some one-time-use samples are in the lower compartments.

The remaining items are categorized into three plastic containers.

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They definitely look more neat, and more importantly make my makeup process faster since I don't have to "search" for them anymore.

However, I don't like to have these for keeping my cosmetics. I want something nicer and sturdy for long term keeping. So I went to buy a few containers from TJ Maxx and rearranged them. I think they worthed the investment.

My makeup items look so much better now. I'll show you in my next post. ;)

How about you? How do you keep your makeup items?

XOXO, Fish Fish



Hi Fish Fish! I store my makeup in a medium-sized traincase (like this one, but most of the products I use are displayed on my dressing table and the drawer. So my traincase is not filled up after all since I store my items where I can easily reach for them =P


Fish Fish said...

Trace, I agree! My cosmetics case hardly store any of my commonly use items now. It is so much easier to have them lay out and just reach them instantly. That is a beautiful traincase, even medium is huge. LOL

Shopcoholic said...

wow so organized! you're makeup case looks so cute!

Stavroula said...

Your makeup case is so pretty! :) Vintage like! :) I can't wait to see how you re-arranged your cosmetics now! :) Here's how I store mine: