Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Deal: Urban Decay on

HauteLook is having Urban Decay again. This one is better than previous sales in term of product choices.

The items that appeared in previous sales were the same price as this sales.

I am really jealous to see Urban Decay Primer Potion (original US$18) for only US$4.50!!

Stereophonic 24-7 Set (original US$29) for US$7.25. (I already have one set, and I love them)

Afterglow Blush (original US$17) for only US$4.25. (Too late for the color I want to try)

Single Deluxe Eyeshadow (original US$18) for only US$4.50. (I already have a whole palette of deluxe eyeshadows)

The bad news is, these good ones are almost all sold out very fast, except for the Afterglow Blush in Fetish.  

There are still quite a number of things on sales until this Friday, but I will wait for the next Urban Decay on Hautelook. In a way, being not fast enough save me $$. :D

Sometimes Hautelook can give me too much excitement.

XOXO, Fish Fish


Pink Cotton said...

what???udpp for only $4.50??
do they ship internationally?omg

Fish Fish said...

I don't think they ship internationally. Hey, if you are interested to get a restock after your UDPP finish, let me know. If I go back to Malaysia for vacation, I can help you to get one. Not as cheap as this, but still will be cheaper than the price in Singapore and Malaysia.