Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fun Beauty: Sephora by OPI Chic Print for Nails

Although I only own a few items from Sephora brand that I really like, I enjoy playing around with their new products from time to time.

More than two months ago, they came up with a new product - Chic Print for Nails for US$15. When I saw them in the newsletter, I knew I just have to try on them.

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Mom was tagging along when I went to Sephora to check them out.

There were 10 designs: Anchor, Stars, Checkers, Tiger, Fishnet, Chrome Lace, Black & Gold Geometric, or Skulls. The Sephora store was having free samples for us to try on the spot. Even providing us with a nail cutter. :P These Chic Print for Nails came in a set of 16 nail patches.

All I had to do was simply to choose the design I like, match them with my nails, peel them off, stick onto my clean nails and trim off accessive using a nail cutter. I took less than 30 sec for me to do on one nail.

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I like the Anchor pattern, simple and clean. My favorite part was the small little anchor in the middle of the design, but only the largest patch came with such design. All the remaining sizes were only black and white stripes. Too bad, I have small nails, I have to give up trying on the largest patch. Why don't they just have that anchor on everyone of them.

For a nail noob like me, I was happy that this product was relatively easy for me to use.

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I like the first one I tried. Decided to stick another thumb with a Tiger print.

Both are glossy, and without upclose view, they looked real.

Even mom was having fun sticking one of them onto her nail. :D

I don't need to be extra careful with them. They stayed on my nails nicely for two weeks, even after showers and housechore. However, after peeling them off, which took less than 5 sec, my nails felt sticky for quite some time. Some reviews were saying this thing came off easily within days, but for my case, they were very adhesive.

My only worry was my nails were not having enough breathing if they sticked too long.

I would definitely get them if they were only for a few bucks. US$15 was just too steep for my budget on one-time use nail patches.

It was fun concept, giving manicure session a different twist. :)

XOXO, Fish Fish

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