Thursday, August 12, 2010

Haul and Review: Golden Rose Lipsticks

I first heard about Golden Rose Cosmetics from a Youtube video by ginabinawina99. She has been talking a lot about their lipsticks. Curiously, I went to Golden Rose Cosmetics website and learned that it is a Bulgarian company that was established in 1995. They started their U.S. market in 2006.

Since I have been experiencing with different pink shade lipsticks to get the perfect pink, I decided to give this company a try.

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I like that they offer Free Shipping and Free Samples for order US$20 or more. Usually, companies only offer free shipping for order US$50 or more, which conned consumers into buying things we don't really need sometimes.

I placed my order on July 17 night, and surprisingly, I received my package on July 19!!! I was really pleased with their shipping speed.

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I ended up buying 7 lipsticks which cost me US$20.43. No tax was applied on my purchase. Plus, I got to choose three free samples. ^_^

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My order included 4 Golden Rose Lipsticks, 2 Golden Rose 200 Lipsticks and 1 Golden Rose Perfect Shine Lipstick.

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The packaging of the lipsticks look nice, but are built with poor quality. Some of the lipstick were too tight, and some hardly fit nicely.

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For the Golden Rose Lipstick series, I picked (left to right) 57 Hot Pink (Matte), 62 Medium Pink (Matte), 82 Pink Raspberry (Frosty) and 94 Pinky Lavender (Matte) at US$2.99 each.

I was very surprised with the neon pink of 57 Hot Pink. The real colors are different from what are shown in their website. I like all 4 colors on their website, but in real life, based on the color 62 and 94 are the only two I would choose. However, the 62 has a very horrible soapy fragrance, 57 and 82 have the soapy fragrance too, though not as strong. That leave me 94 the only one I really like, although the color is a bit too light to use alone on my lips, and require a darker lipgloss over it.

The texture is nice, but the fragrance is really turning me off, which stopped me from using them more often. I don't think I want to rebuy from this series for now.

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I was however was pleasantly surprised by the Golden Rose 200 series. I love both of the colors that I chose. They did not have the terrible soapy fragrance like their original lines. Better, it cost only US$2.49 each. I tried a couple times on them, and I like the texture and the feel on my lips. This will definitely be my rebuy line from Golden Rose.

I picked 104 Medium Pale Pink and 112 Creamy Pink. Both are matte color. The 104 tends to have a more brownish base than the 112. Both colors look good on my lips.

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I only chose one to try from their Perfect Shine Lipstick. I was glad I only got one, the 211 Fuschia (Matte), at US$3.49. In real life, again, it is not near to the color shown in their website. However, the real life color is very pretty, on the lipstick. I was really disappointed with the pigment. It hardly shown on my lips even after I apply a few layer. It does feel very smooth and moisturizing, but it is not giving my lips color. This line has fragrance too, but at least it is not the soapy fragrance that is turning me off. I am not sure if I want to try other colors from this series again, if they are same pigmentation as this one.

Maybe I made some bad choices, but I definitely will try the 2000 series again when I have used more of the lipsticks I own.

Have you ever heard of Golden Rose Cosmetics?

XOXO, Fish Fish

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