Tuesday, August 03, 2010

I am a Maxxinista

Have you ever heard of T.J.Maxx? It is absolutely one of my favorite place to do bargain hunting. Like its slogan said, it is a place where fashionistas become maxxinistas.

Here is a quote from T.J.Maxx website:

"No sales. No gimmicks. Just brand name and designer fashions for you, your family and your home, for up to 60% off department store prices - every single day."

It more than 900 stores in U.S., and I am lucky to have two of them within 10 min distance from my apartment.

The stores offer discounted items on different departments, including clothings, accessories, jewelry, footwear, beauty products and home items.

My favorite part is to shop for clothes there. Usually, I am very good as getting great deals with red tags (clearance), and sometimes even yellow tags (final sales). Both of my red tag luggages that I bought there still working like magic, despite my heavy use. I once bought a swimwear for only US$3 (retail price was US$80), just because a very tiny part of the threading was loose. I got a real leather bag for mom by paying less than 1/3 of its original price.

So, I decided to go there to hunt for my new housewares for keeping my cosmetics. I was so glad to get rid of those plastic containers.

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This is one of the three items I bought for keeping my cosmetics.

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It is made of bamboo. It was a love at first glance. I was looking for other shapes with this material, but was not so lucky. It was red tagged at US$7.99.

It has nice compartments for me to keep my long eye pencils, lip glosses, mascaras and concealers.

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I got this because it has nice square and pretty deep compartments for putting my lipsticks, small size eyeshadow palettes, blushes and bronzers.

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It has a few color options, but I always like this kind of exotic pattern. I also love that the inner compartments are brown. It was priced at US$7.99, a pretty good deal.

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The last one was this faux leather 5-compartment stationery. I was debating whether to get a holder for palette and a holder for brushes separately, or 2-in-1. After much thought, I like this as a better option. It looks cuter with a nice blend of deep brown with pink trimming. The compartments are wider.

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For US$12.99, it was definitely a right choice. I can fit in 7 palettes easily inside the two large compartments, while the three smaller in front are perfect for keeping brushes.

The three choices cost me about US$30, but I definitely think it worths the investment. ^_^ It is so much easier for me to reach my cosmetics now from these beauties.

XOXO, Fish Fish



Nice storage idea, Fish Fish! :) I actually use the boxes from The Body Shop's gift sets or other similar products on my dresser. They have nice compartments, but they are a bit small compared to those you've picked up at TJMAXX.

I've only been to the store like, twice when I went to the US!

- Trace

Fish Fish said...

Trace, next time if you come to California, contact me beforehand. We will have great time in bargain shopping!!