Friday, August 27, 2010

Just In: Stila Travel Girl Palette 3 - Trendsetting in Tokyo

I've been checking Stila Cosmetics website everyday since August 15, hoping to see the third Stila Travel Girl Palette - Trendsetting in Tokyo becomes available.


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It is actually prettier than I thought. The name of the colors are more fun, they are named according to English Japanese. Sake, Kawai, Shibuya and Peace are eyeshadows while Sakura is the convertible color.

Sake (wine) - beige with shimmer
Kawai (cute) - pink
Shibuya (a famous shopping place in Tokyo) - blue
Peace (to sound like a Japanese, pronounce it as Pee-Shh) - black shimmer
Sakura (everyone knows what is a sakura) - cherry blossom pink

I just hope it will be available on Sephora before Aug 31 so that I can use the free shipping code to buy it.

Oh, you can even have some fun "travelling" together in Tokyo too.

Can't wait until I get my hand on it.

There is another very cute new palette by Stila, Color Wheel Eyeshadow Palette, although I will not be getting it.

XOXO, Fish Fish



Wow! I have a good feeling about this palette :) I think the shades will look great on your coloring!

Fish Fish said...

Trace, I am not sure about the blue color, but it is a very pretty blue. Yesterday, I tried blue eyeshadows makeup, and turned out not bad. I hope this blue with give a good combination with its other colors in the palette. ^_^