Friday, August 27, 2010

Personal: Deal or No Deal?


Just after I posted how excited I am to see the Stila Tokyo Palette is finally available, Stila have to shock me again with another great great deal.

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By only spending US$10 or more, I could have got the Color Collection & Clutch Set worth US$125 for FREE!!

I was almost in cloud nine, until I entered the Promo Code, and to my horror it was no more available. It was a harsh hit to the ground.

What did they replace it with? Smile in Style that comes with their 5 Last Lip Glaze Sticks and a sharperner, worth only US$34. This is the first time I see a replacement free gift that is so much worse than the initial choice. Usually, the substitutions are equal  or better value.

After tax and shipping, my US$10 palette will cost me almost US$20. No way I am going to pay another extra US$10 for Glaze Sticks that I don't need so much at all. And I already have my very very awesome Urban Decay Sharpener.

End of rant.

XOXO, Fish Fish



Aw that's too bad! What a good deal! =/ Stila sales are so impressive though. I got some items from beautycrunch last Dec and they turned out great :) Not rancid!

Fish Fish said...

Trace, yes, I was very bummed with that. Now, I probably need to wait until Sephora has it, and buy it together with other things that I want.