Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Personal: Miss Universe 2010 Free Products

I watched the Miss Universe Pageant 2010 tonight. Personally, Miss Mexico being crowned was the right choice. Her body is balance and beautiful in swimsuit, very pretty red evening gown which flattered her body, and she gave the best answer during the final session. I think Miss Phillipines missed her top three opportunity during her final question. But then, I can understand how nerve wrecking that moment could be, especially when her question was the most personal.

They are already the winners to be on Top 5. Just imaging all the stages they have to go through for that final moments. I bet the first thing some of them want is a simple cheese burger or a huge bowl of noodle.

There are a lot of free flow supply for a year for the Miss Universe. But two that I am particularly envy of - a scholarship and free Kryolan products!! I do like the makeups of the contestants this year, if they are all by Kryolan, then I am sold.

Ah~~~ I am so going to try Kryolan one of these days. However, where is the best place to buy Kryolan products online or in-store? Their website don't sell their products, and I don't want to risk buying from unknown internet seller. If you know one, please do let me know. Thanks~~~

XOXO, Fish Fish



Glad you enjoyed Miss Universe! =)

I hope you do get to try Kryolan! There's a branch in Manila and my sister wants to visit it one of these days...

Sorry for commenting just now. Things have been so busy lately Fish Fish =(


Fish Fish said...

Trace, don't worry about not being able to comment. I am getting more busy lately too. ^_^