Monday, August 09, 2010

To buy or not to buy

I just found out this morning Tarte is having their Friends and Family sales at very temptating 40% off from Aug 2nd-9th. Eventhough it was supposed to be over, last I checked, the discount code still work. The shipping below US$40 was only US$5, and above US$40, I can get free shipping. They even offer a nice free gift for you to choose from a sleek purple cosmetics case, a transparent beautiful makeup case or an easy crease brush. All these are too good to pass on.

Being a huge fan of Tarte mascara, I almost clicked the submit button. But at the end, I did not. I really don't need another cosmetics pouch or case when I already have more than 10. Although I do want to buy a refill of my Tarte mascara, I still have almost 10 different mascaras to use and try, with a couple still new in their boxes. Unlike other cosmetics items, mascaras tend to dry up and get clumpy after few months. I really should try to use them first before getting another Tarte, because I know I will end up reaching for Tarte naturally.

Purchasing it during this Friends and Family might look like I am saving a lot, but I know I am actually spending on something I don't need to have at the moment.

So, this time, I actually resisted a Friends and Family temptation. Sorry Tarte, I'll wait for the next round.

Argh~~~ not a good feeling!

XOXO, Fish Fish



CONGRATULATIONS, FISH FISH! :) Remember, willpower! Haha =D

Fish Fish said...

Trace, yap, willpower. And I am glad I did not regret my decision. ;)