Sunday, September 19, 2010

Beauty Insider: Free Clinique Sample Set

On Friday, I was happy to receive an email from Sephora Beauty Insider program. Unlike their usual emails that introduce new products or products at discounted price, this was one product that any Beauty Insider can claim for free in a Sephora store without any purchase or online with a purchase.

Sign up to become a Beauty Insider is free of charge, and do no require you to buy anything. By spending more than US$350 in a year, you will be promoted to become a V.I.B. More explanation here.

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Since it was my off day, I went to Brea Mall to get my free pack.

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After asking my skin type, I was given a Clinique Sample Pack Type 3.

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Skin Type 3 is for combination skin with oily T-zone.

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Oolala~~~ I was happy with the three deluxe samples. They will easily last me at least two weeks, which is a good period for me to decide if a skincare product will suit me.

These three-step products include:

Step 1 - Facial Soap (left): To cleanse. Apply gently and use with tepid water.

Step 2 - Clarifying Lotion (middle): To de-flake, exfoliate. Sweep over skin with cotton ball, and avoid eye area.

Step 3 - Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion/Gel: Mine is a gel since I have combination skin. To smooth, improve. Apply when, where skin feels thirsty.

I can't wait for my current moisturizer to run out so that I can try these three.

Thank you Sephora and Clinique!

XOXO, Fish Fish


Pink Cotton said...

i used clinique few years back.i bought the whole set at once but only after i bought the whole set my colleague told me clinique is not very good because most of their products contain alcohol :( but i still use cos i already bought the whole set.i didnt feel much difference then but after trying out other brands i still feel clinique suits me the best woh. i have a few favourite products from them like the moisture surge extended thirst relief :D

Fish Fish said...

Pink Cotton, although I do not like the Clinique cosmetics, I have to agree with you that have some pretty good skin care products. Yes! I received a sample for the moisture surge extended thirst relied, and it is one of the best feeling moisturizer in my opinion, too bad it does not comes with SPF. But the moisture surge is a sure buy product for me. Have you tried their Clinique even better skin tone correcting moisturizer SPF 20? Pretty good too, but only can be used for day time. Still, I like moisture surge better.

ad|nda said...

i used Clinique last time. it' a bit harsh to me especially the toner.. i don't like it...