Friday, September 24, 2010

BOGOF: CoverGirl Cheekers Blush

I am starting two new categories today.

A new beauty category and a new beauty brand.

BOGOF, my new category is an abbreviation of Buy One Get One Free. These five words just sound very attractive to me everytime I see them. :P Do you like them too?

In fact, I have tried a lot of new items I have tempted to buy, but couldn't talk myself onto buying them until the BOGOF moments. Sometimes, waiting does worth it.

Rite Aid was having a BOGOF for their CoverGirl products, I have stood in front of this brand a few times, thinking about what to buy, and have been itching to try their blushes.

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Finally, I got these two during the BOGOF - CoverGirl Cheekers Blush

Ended up paying less than US$5 for both of them, even after included the tax.

Never bought a Cover Girl product before, even though it was one of the earliest cosmetics brands I knew since as a teenager. But this time, I just have to try these two beautiful blushes.

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My first choice was the Classic Pink 110. A very lovely pink, and I was very surprised how pigmented it is, yet not too pigmented. A single layer is all I need to create a beautiful pinkish glow on my cheeks.

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Pondered for a while before picking up the Natural Rose 148 eventually. The color is slightly less peachy than what is shown in this photo. Yet, I don't think it should be named a "Rose". Haven't tried this yet, but hopefully another pleasant surprise for me.

Love the price, awesome pigment (based on Classic Pink) and look natural on my cheeks. The only down side, these blushes are formulated with fragrance!! I don't mind my perfume to smell good, in fact a good perfume can make me feel sexy when I want to. However, I am not so fond of having fragrance in my cosmetics and skincare products.

Ok, I will just pretend the fragrance is not there, and keep enjoy using them.

Man~~~ First eyeshadows, then lipsticks, after that mascaras, and lately, I think I am seeking the right blushes for me! Do I sound like a makeup junkie?

XOXO, Fish Fish


Rakhshanda said...

Hey the color's gorgeous! Lovely blog. Try checking out mine...

Fish Fish said...

Thanks Rakhshanda. You have a nice blog. :)