Sunday, September 05, 2010

Haul and Review: Wet n Wild from Rite Aid

Last week, while the hubby was buying things for his China trip in Rite Aid, another common drugstore in U.S., I decided to browse through the cosmetics section.

The Wet n Wild buy 1 free 1 promotion caught my attention. I have only bought two Wet n Wild pencil eyeliner before, and I did not like them. Since it is a promotion, I decided to give this brand a second try. However, the buy 1 free 1 offer was not good enough, I could get more discount by doing another simple step.

So, before buying them the next day, I went online to RiteAid Videos watching section and get a US$2 off coupon for US$6 or more spending on Wet n Wild products. Plus, one of them have a US$1 off coupon.

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Each of this would have cost US$4.99 excluding tips. I would have to pay almost US$22 in normal circumstances.

However, after all the discount (buy 1 free 1, US$2 off coupon from video, US$1 off coupon from sticker), I ended up only paying less than US$9.00 including tax. I saved more than US$13!!

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I am an eyeshadow person. My eyeshadow palettes are more than any beauty products that I own. From a mere US$1 palette to the higher end palette like Urban Decay.

Therefore, everytime when I want to try out a new brand, the eyeshadow palette will always be my bench mark to compare the quality of that certain brand.

I still need to use these to state my personal view.

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However, I am very disappointed with these two.

Ultimate Match SPF 15 Foundation in Sand (right) and Natural Blend Mineral Foundation Mineral veil (left).

In fact, I don't really know if I am disappointed with the right or the left or both of them, as I have been using them together.

Don't get me wrong, I do like the product tone and they way it feels on my skin, especially the Natural Blend.

But, the biggest problem...

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After only two days using them, they broke me out!!! There were almost 10 bumped on my face. Red bumps!

I don't remember what decades ago my face was popped with so many bumps! Something inside this/these is/are irritating my skin! It was serious! Even after two days stopped using them, I still can feel the slightly unevenness on my skin, but definitely much much better than the night it explored.

My skin is not the sensitive type, and I usually don't have problem trying different foundation. I was having quite a shock that Wet n Wild broke my record by being the most serious one.

I am not sure if I want to try them again too see whether it is only one or both of them caused this problem. Let's see. Guess I will just stick to my Estee Lauder for the time being.

XOXO, Fish Fish


Pink Cotton said...

that's quite that makes your skin break out...

ive been wanting to ask you something...i noticed that you always mentioned the price before/after tax. what's this tax?something like singapore's gst?


Oh no! I hope your skin gets better soon :( nasty W&W... although their other products are good.

Anyway, I had that kind of allergic reaction from using this orange soap.. Let's wish these ickies will go away!

Fish Fish said...

Pink Cotton, yes, it is something like GST but more complicated.

GST is the same for the whole country like in Australia and Japan, I believe. But in U.S., it is city by city. For example, California has the highest sales tax at 8.25% while states like Oregon and Delaware have no sales tax.

In California, the state tax 8.25%, meaning all the non-food goods in this state will be charged a minimum 8.25%. Then, some city will charge county and city tax. Like in Brea, the city where I am staying, the city charge another 0.5%, I end up have to pay 8.75%. Instead of US$10 that is posted on any online site, as long as that company have retail sites in California, I have to pay US$10.88 instead. In some worse cities, they are charged 10.75%. That is a lot! In fact, just 5 min away from my apartment, if I buy something from that city, I will be charged 9.75%! It is that ridiculous. Just imagine you are paying US$10 extra for the same item you will get in other no sales tax states. Hope my explanation is not too confusing.

One more thing, visitors can get refund for GST/VAT i think in other countries, but this is not applied in the U.S.

Trace, it finally heals after three days I stopped using them. Bad bad experience!

Pink Cotton said...

8.75%?? that is a lot! so if u r buying online and that website is based in a no-tax city..will you get taxed then?

Fish Fish said...

If the website only have locations outside of California, then I will not be charged with any tax. When I buy e.l.f., I don't have to pay tax actually eventhough I can get e.l.f. in Target, because I think e.l.f. don't have a business location in California.