Sunday, September 26, 2010

Haul: Coach Preferred Customer Event - Poppy Chan Keyrings

Another non-beauty post that I want to share with you all since Friday.

During an unintentional window shopping, which I shall forbid myself from telling the exact location until I am able to hunt down the last one, I came across the series that I have been hoping for months.

I was so skeptical about them, was so tempted to buy, but because the Hubby said "No", and I never heard the series were even on the website, I decided to make more research first. Bad bad bad decision, totally regretted I didn't get them on the spot!

They were indeed already been released, as the very limited edition in fact. Gosh... I hate Coach sometimes! Argh~~~ I was going berserk. I know I must own them.

Luckily, Coach was having another Customer Preferred Event at the right time, just when I needed the 25% off.

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After placing my order in a Coach store for a week, all my three items finally arrived.

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However, only two of them were the only items I was really looking for. I returned the third one, on the spot, another lady just decided to buy it. Talking about insanity. She was even salivating when she saw the ones I was holding. Sorry Miss, you can't have them. It was a tough work for the sales assistants in the Coach store to hunt these down for me. They looked through the whole Coach system in U.S. for an hour for me, and finally found 2 of the 3 items I wanted.

Thank you very much. I just love the staffs in Coach store near my apartment!

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Meet my new Poppy chans!

Pinky, is the 3rd of the series. Second that I own. Code 92761.

Violet, is the 4th of the series. Third of mine. Code 92762.

They look 10 times cuter than this photo in real life! Only 1.5 x 2.0 in. Slightly smaller than the normal Coach keyrings size.

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Although I am not a big fan of pink color, I adore this Pinky! But somehow, I don't think she should carry that Poppy bag! It is just not her in my opinion! She should carry the Poppy butterfly tote.

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Oh gosh~~~ I am absolutely loving Violet!! The moment I saw her in real life, she totally captured my heart. She has this very outgoing character, and that bag, bring out her lively personality. I tried hard to adjust the color of the photo to match the real color, but this is the nearest I could get.

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Here are my Poppy Chan Keyrings! The very first one, which I bought few months ago that got me into this obsession - Cherry Chan!

Then, my Pinky Chan and Violet Chan. I have tried to find my Pepper Chan through whole US Coach stores, but to no avail. I still have the last option, but I am not going to reveal it now until I manage to buy one. You don't know how strong the competition is to get these very limited edition keyrings!!

The Coach store sales assistant didn't even know about the Pinky and Violet if not because of me. Yes, because not even their website shows these. I got to know them from those Coach fanatics! (Ok, I admit I used to be one, but I stopped. But I will need to be updated again or else my regret like what I have on Pepper Chan will happen again!!)

Oh~~~ Pepper Chan, please please please, let me have you. She is so me. And she even carries one of my bags! So, I must must must have it!

Eh hem! Pardon me today. I admit I am a bit lost control.

So, which one is your favorite?

XOXO, Fish Fish


Leticia said...

Those are so cute!!!!!

Melissa said...

Hey, I came across your blog accidentally. These keychains are sooooooo cute and adorable!!!!!
Hope you will get Pepper Chan soon!

Fish Fish said...

Thank you Leticia! ^_^

Melissa, welcome! Yes, I really hope I will be able to get my hand on Pepper Chan. Still have no luck on it. :(