Thursday, September 23, 2010

Just In: Smashbox Eye Wish Palette

Have you ever heard of Smashbox Eye Wish Palette? All of sudden, it appears on There was no news prior to it, at least to my knowledge.

As an eyeshadow junkie, I am totally hooked by it. A love at first sight. Not quite the same excitement level I had when I first saw Urban Decay Naked Palette, but the temptation from this one is slightly higher than the Urban Decay Book of Shadows III.

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It is a limited-edition mega eye palette! 12 shadows (awesome! not just useless colors, but all of them are so versatile to mixed with each other! In fact, I know I will use all the 12 colors!), 4 cream eyeliners (ooh~~~ love this), and mini versions of Photo Finish Lid Primer and Mini Lash DNA Mascara (another eye primer and mascara for me to test!). I am strongly attracted to the eyecatching gold keepsake box too!

This palette is said to be valued at US$243, but only priced at US$45! Wow! Totally a steal!
It also comes with "Get-the-Look" cards, to illustrate countless ways to wear these stunning shades. This is almost like icing on the cake.

I am so skeptical with the 12 x 0.63 oz eyeshadows. Misprint? 0.63 oz for one eyeshadow?? That's a lot! 

What more 4 x 0.105 oz cream eyeliners! Even without the eye primer and the mascara, it is already a very good deal.

Could it be too good to be true? Will the eyeshadows quality inside this palette will be the same as their single eyeshadows? Like how UD is doing for their palettes? I just don't want to get another disappointment like what I got from Stila first Travel Palette.

I think I will wait until I see the real thing before spending my bucks on it!!

XOXO, Fish Fish


Leticia said...

Definitely wait to see and swatch in person first.

Cosmetics Aficionado

Pink Cotton said...

if this is a facebook post...i will "like" this :D

Fish Fish said...

Leticia, you are right. I will go to Sephora tomorrow, and hopefully will see a sample for a to swatch!

Pink Cotton, LOL I almost clicked the "like" in Sephora, but will wait until I have seen them in real version!