Thursday, September 02, 2010

Review: Estee Lauder Limited Edition Gel Eyeliner in Black

I always feel that Estee Lauder is an underrated brand. It is not common to see people rave about Estee Lauder products if compared to other brands.

When I started to get into skincare and makeup, initially I was a fan of Lancome. I am still liking a few of Lancome products, such as the Bi-Facil Makeup remover and the very creamy lipsticks. However, ever since I tried a few of Estee Lauder products, I have shifted slowly away from Lancome.

My thing with Estee Lauder - it is definitely not love at first sight or first touch. But it is a second-glance beauty, it needs you to look back again to see the hidden beauty.

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This Estee Lauder Limited Edition Gel Eyeliner in Black is definitely one of the typical example that have turned me from disliking it to almost loving it.

I bought this because of the good persuasive skill of the Sales Assistant in Estee Lauder counter. The way how she used it made this gel eyeliner sounds versatile.

I ended up paying more than US$20 for a small pot of this black gel.

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This is a very black gel. It came with a small angled brush. The first time when I used this gel with the attached small angled brush, it was a total mess for me. I was so mad at myself for getting this "rubbish".

Then, it was put aside for a couple months.

I continued to practise on my makeup, and somehow I am getting better at it now.

Few weeks ago, when I tried to use the fake eyelashes, I decided to give this gel eyeliner a try again to cover up the fake eyelashes baseline. Instead of using the angled brush that came with it, I used a Sephora Professionnel Platinum Angle Liner Brush #22 to apply the gel. Oh boy~~~ instantly I changed my preference to liking this gel.

It was so easy to apply, and the gel itself dry up with an intense black. It is also very easy to brush off the hardened gel from my brush with a piece of tissue paper.

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Here is my eyeline today using the gel eyeliner. I only used it for my upper lash. I like how it can create a very sharp and fine end, something that is so hard to be achieved using my pencil eyeliners. The main point is, you need to use a very thin yet stiff small angle brush, and Sephora Platinum #22 is the perfect choice to do this job.

The only down side of this eyeliner, it does not really stay for long hour as claimed. However, I just got a new product that settled this problem! Can't wait to share with you all.

That, will be revealed in my next next post. Meanwhile, there will be a mini haul post coming up soon. :)

XOXO, Fish Fish



great job lining your eyes! =) i am impressed at how pigmented and shiny the finish is! the line doesn't look matte like when I use MAC fluidline in black track...

Fish Fish said...

Thank you~~~ Trace, check out the Sephora Eyeliner Last that I just posted. This is the product that turned my matte line became vibrant.