Friday, September 17, 2010

Review: Maybelline Expert Wear Blush in Romantic Plum

Last week, Maybelline was having 40% off in Rite Aid.

Also, after watching a Maybelline video, I got to print out a $2 off coupon.

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With both of these offers, I decided to get a Maybelline Expert Wear Blush in Romantic Plum. The regular price was US$5.29 before tax, but after 40% off + $2 off, I ended up paying only US$1.45!!

Totally enjoying my bargain hunting in drugstores. :P

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It was my 2nd time purchasing a Maybelline product. My first Maybelline product was a mascara that I bought 3 years ago, and have been using only twice.

However, after using this blush for a few times, I am liking it more. This Romantic Plum is a mild plumish pink, it allows me to apply layer by layer without making my cheek too pigmented. I also like the fact that it is matte. My cheeks look like they are having a nature after work out blush.  Definitely will get a a more intense color to try next time. I am thinking to get a Berry Sorbet.

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The brush was a bit stiff, but I actually quite like it for applying this blush. The stiffness is just right to get the right amount of blush to apply on my cheek.

Besides applying it alone, I also like to use it as a base for applying my more sheer blush, and it works well to diminish the shiny effect of those blushes.

Now I am tempted to try blushes from other drugstore brands. Maybe Revlon or Cover Girl next. ;)

XOXO, Fish Fish



Great deal! I love light pink, cool toned plummy blushes like that. If the pic is accurate, I must say it kinda looks like LM Barely pink or MAC Well-dressed =) - Trace

Fish Fish said...

Trace, thank you for the info! I went to check LM Barely Pink and MAC Well-dressed online, they do look pretty close to this one. I will check them in real life, especially the well-dressed. Which blush is better in your opinion, LM or MAC?


I am biased for LM, I've owned 5. and i have an illuminating quad and a shimmer bloc. I find their products smoother and more luxurious than MAC, haha =) they cost almost the same here in Manila :)

But I DO LOVE MAC's Hang Loose Mineralized Blush from a previous collection. It's like MAC Well Dressed + light purple sheen in one. =) If you want to get something LE/unique to try from MAC (since Well-dressed is a regular item), get this one!!