Saturday, September 04, 2010

Review: Sephora Collection Tricks of the Trade Eyeliner Last

I have used the Sephora Collection Trikcs of the Trade Eyeliner Last for two days, and here is my personal view about this Sephora product. I got this for US$6 excluding tax during sales. It was originally priced at US$14.

It is worth to try during the discounted price, but I wouldn't buy it during the full price. It came at a smaller size than I thought.

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The design of the bottle is cute, and very easy to bring around.

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I use it with the other two items, Estee Lauder Limited Edition Gel Eyeliner in Black and Sephora Professionnel Platinum Angle Liner Brush #22, to create a vibrant black upper eyeline.

You can use any type of gel eyeliner with a stiff yet thin small angled brush for this first step.

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I love to use the Sephora Platinum #22. I also like that it is not made of real animal hair.

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But the best part about this brush is the very thin yet stiff nylon bristles. The stiffness is just right, and not poking my eyes.

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Step two, I just have to apply one to two layers of the Eyeliner Last on top of my dried eyeline.

I would prefer the applicator comes in slightly thicker version, but then this very thin version makes applying the liquid near my tearduct area easily.

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Here is the look of my eyes before and after the application.

1. Bare eyes.
2. Estee Lauder gel eyeliner applied.
3. Sephora Eyeliner Last applied (eyes closed).
4. Sephora Eyeliner Last applied (eyes opened)

Notice the difference before and after putting on the Eyeliner Last. It made my matte eyeline became vibrant and "glossy".

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My gel eyeline usually creased and smudged after few hours. But I was very surprised to see that even after 10 hours, the eyeline still look nice at the end of the day.

However, this Eyeliner Last is not waterproof, and if I rub my eyes, my eyeline will be smudged.

Overall, it is definitely a good buy for me in term of the lasting wear. My only concern will be how long can such a small bottle last.

XOXO, Fish Fish



Wow so this is your magic product! :) I wish it's locally available though.

Fish Fish said...

Trace, yes, this is the product that made my matte line shiny. ;) Is there any Sephora in the Phillippines?