Friday, October 08, 2010

Deal: Friday Happy Hour by Stila

I committed a sin today, even though this is not something I should do during my October budget.

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All because the tempation of Friday Happy Hour by Stila.

Every Friday, Stila is sending a newsletter to my email during their Happy Hour. I usually will just take a look, and delete it.

But this time, decided to actually get something from this Happy Hour.

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It was a good deal for me. In fact, a deal I have been waiting ever since I posted this 1.5 months ago. A couple weeks later, another new palette from the series has been released. Although I was disappointed that I missed the chance to get their very good deal, I am glad they come up with this one. The requirement is a minimum purchase of $20, and $20 is the exact amount I want to spend.

FREE shipping (normally, I will have to spend $50 to get free shipping or spend $7.95 for shipping if less than $50) and a FREE gift, worth US$22, for something I am planning to buy, not a waste at all. :P

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The free gift is a Pearl Shimmer Gloss in Ocean Current. I hope it is the color shown in this photo. My Lancome Color Fever Gloss in Inferno (absolutely my favorite nude) is running low, and I have been thinking to try other brand. This Pearl Shimmer Gloss comes at the right time.

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Here is my $20 purchase! The Travel Girl Palette Series 3 (Tokyo, $10) and 4 (Moscow, $10). I already owned Series 1 and 2. And now, just have to wait for the 5th one (Fiji) in November to complete my collection.

My final price is $21.75 (after added 8.75% tax and minus the shipping fee). It might be risky to get this during my October budget, but since the offer is only for today, I decided to buy it now. At first, I wanted to get it during Sephora Friends and Family sales next month, but I think this offer is better. Ah~ my virgin purchase from Stila website.

Our remaining budget after this purchase is $123.75. Sorry dear Hubby, but I promise you, we will not overspend. Cross my fingers. (In fact, I am having an extra shift at work tonight, I could have put that as my extra shift earning, but I want to see what is going to happen by putting this purchase into my budget.)

XOXO, Fish Fish



The palettes are $10 each? Such a good deal! In Manila, the items' prices are so spiked up! =D

Fish Fish said...

Yes trace, it was a good deal to good to pass. I just got them today!