Thursday, October 14, 2010

Haul and Review: Maybelline Volum' Express the Falsies Waterproof Mascara

Oops! I did it again, by spending our very limited budget on yet another beauty item. However, I have a proper few reasons to do it. Try to make my purchase sounds necessary.

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This is my latest purchase - the Maybelline Volum' Express the Falsies Waterproof Mascara.

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I bought it to replace my getting dry sample size Tarte Waterproof Mascara. I love it, but it becomes harder for me to apply on my eyelashes without looking unnatural. I was thinking to buy the full size version which will cost me US$19 before tax, but knowing that it will probably dry up again after three months (which is the recommended life span for using a mascara), I don't see why I need to spend such money. Also, after my experience with spending more than US$25 on a Lancome Definicils Waterproof High Definition Mascara, and didn't even 1/10 satisfied with the result, this further ensure me expensive branded stuff is not necessary the right mascara for me. The fact that I returned my Diorshow Mascara after first application because it was so dried up deepen this concept of mine.

I have been trying to find cheaper options through youtube, and there were a lot of good reviews about Maybelline the Falsies mascara. There are many people who hate it too. Before this, I was planning to buy one of the Peachy Pink Sisters' favorites, but I could not find them here, so I decided to try this newer Maybelline product.

I am so glad Rite Aid has a very good deal on Maybelline products.

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Their Maybelline products are 40% off until today. I've been thinking whether to buy something using this good deal since last week. The US$2 off coupon from watching online video in Rite Aid website convinced me this is a good deal too hard to pass, especially when I really need to get another good mascara now.

So, by combining the 40% off and US$2 off coupon, I ended up paying only US$2.82 for this mascara, instead of the regular drugstore price that would have cost me more than US$8 (after tax). This is a very good deal. Even Target and Walmart price will cost more than US$5.

If it does not work on me, at least I will waste only US$3.

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I chose Very Black in Waterproof, instead of the regular washable version. The wax from waterproof mascara helps to hold my curled eyelashes well, instead of weighing them down. Sadly, my Lancome Waterproof Definicils uncurled my eyelashes (bad).

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I am also attracted by the design of the brush and the false lash effect claim.

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The mascara is designed in a fat tube, with eyecatching pinkish purple color (notice how the color match with my photo tagging color, :P).

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It is a cute spoon brush. I like that it is not too bushy and the wand is just the right length for me.

Although it is my no makeup day, I just have to try it the moment I bought it.

Here is a photo of before and after I applied the mascara.

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My straight eyelashes turned into a dramatic curl. It does look like falsies on my eyes. I applied two layers on my upper lash and one layer on my lower lash. Another wonderful thing about this mascara, it feels light on my lashes, as though it is not there.

The brush is very easy for me to control for my upper lash. I still need more practice on my lower part. Some reviewers think the flexible brush is a con, but I don't see it as a problem for me.

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Here is another view from a different angle. Only with curling and the mascara, instantly my eyes become so much more dramatic.

I think I made the right decision today. In fact, this is a Maybelline purchase so much better if compared to my Maybelline Expert Wear Blush that I hardly use nowadays.

This is only my first use. I will see how easy it is to be removed by my waterproof makeup remover, and if I still like it as much after two months.

Definitely a very good mascara for such a cheap price. ^_^

XOXO, Fish Fish


hoyoyi said...

dasao, good sharing。 Surprise that brand L not worked! Luckily I never spent so much on them before :p

Pink Cotton said...

omg...really look like false lashies...too bad this type is not avail (yet) in msia :(

but i quite like maybelline and good.but i don throw my mascaras away after 3 months :P

Cosmetics Aficionado said...

You got a better deal than I did. I could only find a $1 off coupon.

Fish Fish said...

hoyoyi, it might work on some types of eyelashes, but unfortunately not on mine.

pink cotton, I am wondering if they have different names for different countries. Like my friend said Maybelline Magnum is good, but I don't see any Magnum in U.S., although the Colossal packaging look exactly like Magnum.

Leticia, the more I visit more stores, the more I realised even a store with more expensive prices can have some super good deals on a few items. All we need is to keep searching. And I truly enjoy that kind of bargain hunting. ^_^

hoyoyi said...

Falsies not in malaysia yet too