Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hauls: Two in one day - Stila and Alldaychemist

It was an exciting day for me. Good to be my off day, as I could receive these two parcels by waiting for postmen knocking at my door. ^_^

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The first one was delivered by UPS in the morning, from a postman I see regularly. It was a purchase from Stila that I mentioned in my previous post. The parcel was sent yesterday, and I received it this morning. Super fast Free shipping. :D Thanks Stila, you make my first online order with your such a good one.

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I received the 2nd one from USPS around 3.00 pm. A cool guy always with his dark sunglasses on. I saw him a couple times at the mailbox area, but it was my first time received a parcel from him at home.

This is a parcel from India, delivered by Alldaychemist. I was actually quite worried since it was my first online international purchase. It took a few days for the order to be processed. But once it was shipped on Oct 5, the delivery was quite fast. I got it a week later. I am impressed. It was a very expensive shipping fee though, cost US$25!

A quick reveal of the products!

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The Stila Travel Palette - Tokyo and Moscow theme - at US$10 each before tax. And it came with a free pearl shimmer gloss. Love all of them. I have 4 of the 5 Travel Palette now, all I need is the Fiji palette that will be debut in mid November to complete the collection. More details will be up on coming post.

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Careprost, a generic brand of Latisse. I did not know about this product at all, until I noticed how marvellously long one of my co-worker's eyelashes. I was very surprised to find out the result was from using Careprost. My current eyelash stimulator cost me more than US$90, and it did not really make my eyelashes longer, though they do become slightly thicker.

I got 6 bottles (US$10 each) and 4 brushes (US$1 each). Four of us shared the purchase, so we ended up paying only US$6.25 per person for shipping fee. I got 2 bottles and 1 brush

I already started to use it tonight, I am excited, although I do aware of the possible side effects. It is the same side effects at Latisse. Report will be up in this blog in 8-12 weeks later. ;)

If this is really working, it is going to be a money saving alternative for me. :D

XOXO, Fish Fish



Nice hauls! :)

I actually have long lashes, my only problem is that they're not curled :( I don't think Careprost can help with that..

- Trace

Pink Cotton said...

what a happy day!
isn't it exciting to be receiving online purchases thru the mails? ^_^

Cosmetics Aficionado said...

Nice haul! I love Stila products.

Fish Fish said...

Trace, yes, you eyelashes is long! What you need are a good curler and a mascara that is right for your lashes, which I think you already have.

Pink Cotton, haha, it is not only exciting, but addictive! :P

Leticia, I tried the Palette 4 already, and it is really nice!