Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Personal: A couple sites to share

Girls like gossips, don't we? Gossips about your girlfriends, the macho guy next door, trouble-causing celebrities, and even the famous Youtube makeup "gurus".

There are two sites I really want to share with you all, about the unknown side of those famous "gurus", if you don't know about these sites yet. I just got to know about these sites recently, and I am hooked. Although I don't totally agree with what are being said there, since I have not seen anyone of them in real life, I am very impressed with the find-out-the-truth ability of some readers and viewers about them.

1. Guru Gossip Forum

Highly addictive. Check it out!

The first thing I learned from that sire, a lot of these "gurus" actually pronounced the word as "ga-roos". LOL For someone who grew up calling my teachers as "guru", it is such a common word for me that I did not know it can cause such a problem for people to pronounce that word correctly. Same thing as Shu Uemura, it just ticks on my nerve everytime I hear people say it the wrong way. But I am pretty sure when I pronounce some words that I am not familiar with wrong, other people will show the same disguise on me. It is always good to find someone or now, Youtube, the proper way to say a word that you know will mention it over and over again. I do that especially for European words.

Michelle Phan, Juicystar07 and Allthatglitters21 are few of the most thrashed gurus.

2. Unkn0wncritic

This is a blog to trash the makeup gurus. The three gurus I mentioned above seems to be the favorite targets again. It seems like they have created quite a lot of lies, which is why a lot of people dislike them. Go to Youtube to search for these few names, you'll know who they are.

I am glad my favorite gurus are more raving about them than thrashing. Makeup Geek (Love love love her makeup tutorials, best in my opinion), Emilynoel83 (She is the few that I trust for product reviews, though I don't follow her for makeup tips. Her English is very good for me to learn as she is a reporter.) and Temptalia (Her makeup quite unimpressive, but she has one of the most detailed and prettiest blog to introduce new products. I think she is one of the fastest to introduce a new product. But I don't like her Youtube talking, she talks so fast, and her makeup tutorials are bleh.)

That's all. :)

XOXO, Fish Fish


Pink Cotton said...

haha nice one!
i personally dont like michelle phan cos i feel that all her makeup styles are the same and i think she is very "fake"...

i told my friend that i think she is pretending to be sooo gentle so much that if there is a gust of wind she will fall down...but my friend told me i m just jealous she is gentler than me...HAHAHA

Fish Fish said...

Pink Cotton, yes, I do agree with you. I did kinda like her in the beginning, but then after learning more makeup techniques from other gurus, I do not agree with some of her techniques. Did you see her latest fall look, I was shocked to see she use Lancome Bifacil to wipe off the eyeshadow powders on her cheek!!! Anyone how own Lancome Bifacil knows it is "oily", and one can just easily move those powder away using a simple Q-tips! And the blending is very rough for her eyes makeup. I don't know why she wants to speak in such a "soft tone" when you can see in her other more "impromptu" conversation, she does not talk like that at all. Marlena from Makeup Geek is soooooo much better to give great makeup tips!