Monday, October 25, 2010

Personal: Horrible time for my face

Wanted to blog about more beauty products, yet I am not in the mood these few days. Ever since the day I tried BB cream for the first time, from my favorite brand, Dr. Ci:Labo, I am having one of the worst breakout on my face now. I strongly believe the BB cream is the one to blame.

Didn't even have the confidence to submit applications for my 2nd part time job in person.

I am going to be no makeup, use only my long trusted skincare products, until my face is back to its normal conditions.

So far, there were already 5 coworkers asked me what's wrong with my face. Man~~~ that really stressed me out. Imagine if my potential employer(s) see it. Argh~~~

Dear face, please recover soon. I love you.

Fish Fish


Cosmetics Aficionado said...

I hate when that happens! Hope it heals soon for you.


Oh no! =( I hate most BB creams as well actually, could not get them to work for me. I hope your skin gets better soon. I had a similar experience a while back because of a new skincare line, but the flares have subsided when I went back to my original routine. Take care Fish Fish!

- Trace

Melissa said...

Oh no......Hope your face will heal soon. Take care.

Fish Fish said...

Leticia, thank you. It is recovering.

Trace, yes, I remember reading that post of yours. Don't we hate that it is not working for us. :( Sometimes, original routine is still the best, but it is fun to have some change too.

Melissa, thank you.