Thursday, October 07, 2010

Review: e.l.f. $1 All Over Cover Stick

About three months ago, I did the biggest cosmetics haul from e.l.f. Until this day, I still have not tried all the products, although almost all.

One of them turned into my daily favorite nowadays, although initially I did not like it at all. I am glad I gave it a third try. And now, I want to share with you all.

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It is their All Over Cover Stick that retailed at $1 each. I got them for cheaper price, but even at $1 each, it is a very good deal.

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From the website, the All Over Cover Sticks come in 5 original colors (Rosy Beige, Apricot Beige, Honey, Spice and Toffee) and 2 new colors (Ivory and Light Beige). The 2 new colors were not available at the time I ordered.

Based on my olive skin tone, I decided to try Spice and Rosy Beige. From the website, these two colors seemed to be the nearest matching color for me as a concealer.

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Turned out I got one of them matched with my skin tone nicely, the medium Spice (left). Rosy Beige (right) is too fair for my summer skin tone, but I can see that it might be useful for me during winter.

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Here is a swatch of the two colors: Spice (left) and Rosy Beige (right) on my really tanned arm.

The product is described as
"Achieve smooth and flawless skin easily! The e.l.f. All Over Cover Stick is infused with active natural ingredients and skin polymers to soothe and protect the skin to camouflage those problematic facial areas. Great for using on under eye circles, pimples, and as a primer. Getting a clear fresh face has never been so easy!"

I don't have dark eye circles nor pimples, neither have I used it as an eye primer (like some of the ladies do). However, I am really liking this concealer over my others for a few personal reason:
1. It is creamy, yet not too creamy. I just need to use my finger to warm it up and apply on the areas I want to camouflage. Using my finger to apply it is the best.
2. The consistensy is right for me to use (not too watery nor too thick), even when I am short of time to do makeup. It gives a very good coverage on my black spots and discolored areas at the corners of my lips.
3. Spice color match with my skin tone nicely, only about a shade lighter than my face. After blends it out nicely on my face, all I need to do is apply a layer of mineral foundation with darker shade, and I am ready for my face preparation.
4. It is so portable, yet the lid hold nicely. I don't have to worry about leaking in my makeup bag.
5. The price? Unbeatable. And the best, it does not make my face break out.

Some people are very irritated by the sugary orange smell, but it is acceptable for me.

If you want to find some very good for value concealer, this one worths a try. But just be sure you get the right shade for your face.
XOXO, Fish Fish


Pink Cotton said...

nice review...i enjoy reading this :D
keep the elf reviews coming...kekeke

Fish Fish said...

Pink Cotton, you bet I will for this month. ;) Glad you like it.

aby said...

i have those! i keep getting compliments about my rosy cheeks...they think it's natural. lol.

Fish Fish said...

Aby, oh wow~~~ I too think they are natural. So it is elf All Color Stick?