Sunday, October 17, 2010

Review: e.l.f. $1 Essentials Mechanical Eyelash Curler

Ever since I started to try out more affordable drugstore brands, e.l.f. products have time after time surprised me in a good way.

Today's product has to be one of my top three e.l.f. favorites.

It's not a cosmetics nor skincares, but a tool.

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Meet the Mechanical Eyelash Curler, at a mere $1 retail price.

When I first came across it in Target, I was very skeptical about a $1 eyelash curler. My previous curler cost me more than $10, and I did not like it in term of ease to use and the way my eyelashes was curled. I almost bought the Shu Uemura that would cost me $19, but I just don't want to spend that much on tools anymore. There are quite a few times good brands' tools with expensive price have disappointed me. I don't see the point of me spending those money again if they are going to end up in my drawers for good. I rather find some cheap yet good tools, and spend the money on the cosmetics and skincare products instead.

After browsing through Youtube, I was very happy to see emilynoel83 (yap, she again) ranked this curler as the top favorite of e.l.f. products.

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I decided to buy it from Target. And after trying it, it was love at first use. Even for a "noob" like me, this curler is totally controllable.

It came with a spare sponge too, which is totally necessary.

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I love the scissors-like handles. It makes my hand stays still when I curl my lashes. Also, the curve fits well with my eyes' curve, that I don't have to worry "clipped" the skin above the lashes.

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If there is one con that I don't like - it's the sponge. As it is not glued to the curler, it fell out from time to time. I have to keep looking for the dropped sponge in my cosmetics bag.

So, if looking for fallen sponge is not an issue for you, this is a curler you truly have to try. Anyway, if you don't like it as much as I do, all you lose was a dollar. But if it's an awesome curler for you, it will save you a lot for finding a much cheaper great alternative. ;)

I like it so much that I actually bought a spare during my biggest e.l.f. haul (all the photos in this post used the new spare).

XOXO, Fish Fish


MissJayce said...

yea i got this one too! LOVIN it! =)

Fish Fish said...

*high five* ^_^