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Review: Urban Decay Book of Shadows III

I am back with my normal review time. In fact, with a long post, loaded with 17 photos. One thing to say about this product, I am so glad I bought it!

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Meet the Urban Decay Book of Shadows III (BOSIII). Priced at US$54, but since I have the VIB 10% off from, after tax and with free shipping, I ended up paying less than US$53.

This is my first Book of Shadows, since by the time I am interested with cosmetics, all the previous Book of Shadows are gone.

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The first reaction when I saw this thing? Wow~~~ was all I could say. It is huge and heavy!

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And thick!! I have never seen a Book of Shadows, did not expect it to be so much bigger than my other Urban Decay Shadow boxes.

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Although I have seen reviews about it, the feeling is still quite different from seeing it in real life.

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The first layer revealed a NYC themed design. Quite pretty, but I have to be careful since these designs are made from paper.

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What really captured my heart is the fancy light up! It is especially attractive it dark. When I first received it, I was so sad be cause the light up was not functioning. I tried to open and close it a few times, but failed.

I was ready to make a complaint to the Sephora customer service the next day. But I am the type of person really hate to take all those trouble if I can avoid it.

However, after a night of not quite nice sleep due to this, and tried to open it again. I was so happy it finally worked. Since then, I have tried to open it once every couple days, and it have been working fine. *wipe cold sweat*

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Pull out the drawer, and it showed a very nice combination of 16 eyeshadows, 2 eyeliners and 1 UDPP.

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I actually really really like these colors in real life. The photo is hard to do a justice of how beautiful they are.

The downside of this design, it is hard for me to get the pencil eyeliners out. Other than that, I am happy with the design, except that it is definitely not to-go friendly.

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I haven't got the chance to try all the color yet, but so far from what I tried, I really like Perversion (the only matte color in this book), Loaded (such a unique dark green color), Rockstar and Money (the money is such a beautiful color for accentuate the eyes).

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For the other eight colors, although I have not tried Radium and Snatch yet, I love all the other colors I tried., even the glittery Maui Wowie, I don't remember I like this before in my Ammo Palette.

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These colors are highly pigmented, and just blend lightly, they all form a very uniform shade. In fact, the pigments and blendability of Urban Decay eyeshadows are the main reason why they truly captured my heart among all the eyeshadows I have tried.

Ok, to give you a clearer idea of this palette, I will compare a few of my Urban Decay Eyeshadow Boxes with it.

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It is twice as big the very popular Urban Decay Naked Palette.

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And three times as thick as the Naked Palette.

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Although I have 5 Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palettes already, only 5 out of the 16 colors are repeated in my other palettes.

Here is a comparison.

Smog appeared in Naked, Ammo and Wallpaper, making this the eyeshadow shade that I own the most. This color is beautiful and easy to mix with other, and with 4 repetitions, this shade will last me for quite a long time.

Last Call also repeated in Ammo and Wallpaper. I like this color, just that I don't use the purple shades as much as I used the brown shades.

Midnight Cowboy Rides Again can be found in Skull Palette (not shown in the above photo). This is the only color I wish they don't put it in this Book. I have only used the one in my Skull Palette once, and I don't enjoy the glittery effect at all. And I know a lot of people hate this color too.

Maui Wowie is in the Ammo palette already.

And... Uzi is in Wallpaper too. I hated Uzi in Wallpaper, too glittery. But I decided to give it a try again in the BOSIII today, and I was pleasantly surprised!

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Can you see the difference of these two Uzi?

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For some reason, I think Urban Decay is listening to their customers about their disguise with the over-glittery shadows, and they seemed to tone down the Uzi glittery in the BOSIII version.

Still, I don't think it is a color I will use often, unless they turn it into a shimmery version.

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Here is a photo of trying them out.

The top two photos was just a quick try the day after I received it. It will be better if I use brown color to match with the purple. Oh well.

I tried again today to create smoky eyes (bottom), and I like it!

I brief, UDPP to prime my eyes, then suspect to cover the whole eyelids.
Decided not to use any eyeliner today. Instead, I used perversion to apply until my "crease" (I don't have an obvious crease).
Then, Haight on the inner half, and Loaded on the outer half. Maui Waui to highlight the browbone.
For my lower lash part, Loaded on the outer half and Money on the inner half and the tear duct area.
Curled my eyelashes and applied mascara to finish the eye section.
Blush was light pink and nude lips to match with my intensed smoky eyes.

The only part that I failed, was my eyebrows. I tried to let my trimmed brows to grow thick now, so it is really hard to draw a nice version.

I think I am liking this BOSIII more and more. ;)

Falling in love with Naked Palette and BOSIII is like falling in love with an American and an Italian. ;)

XOXO, Fish Fish

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