Thursday, November 04, 2010

Deal: V.I.B. 20% off Exclusive Shopping Event 2010

Just found out something nice inside our mailbox. The Hubby did not tell me yesterday, as I came back late from a supper with my friends.

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Just when I thought, "Crap! I forgot to buy one thing during the Sephora F&F sales!", I was pleasantly surprised that the next V.I.B. event is actually a 20% off sales. ^_^

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Unlike the F&F sales which was kept quite "secretive" in-store, they sent a very beatiful card for this Holiday Shopping Event.

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Sephora know how to make their customers feel special by putting effort in designing the card.

From Nov 11-15, all VIB will get 20% off for the purchase online (code VIB20) or in-store (VIB savings pass is required).

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I am more excited with this fun one. Another card that is for Nov 11 Kick-Off evening, 6-9 pm. A V.I.B. is allowed to bring a friend along to get 20% off from his/her purchase too.

I am going to buy at least an item that night. Because...

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... I want this Sephora Collector's Tote!

Also, I am tempted to have first look at some of the new holiday beauty in real life.
And, I get to have a holiday makeup lessons from their experts. I wonder if Nicole is working that night, she has one of the most beautiful eyes makeup among the staffs!

Are you a V.I.B.? or having a friend who is V.I.B.? If you miss the F&F sales, then Nov 11-15 is a good second chance for you to get 20% off.

Psst! Try not to get Urban Decay, as I believe the Urban Decay 30% off is coming soon!

XOXO, Fish Fish

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