Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Haul: Sephora Friends and Family Sales

Tomorrow will be the last day for Sephora F&F 2010 sales. After my expensive online Sephora order, I decided to go to Sephora store today to restock some of my favorite beauty anf skincare products.

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I bought a total of 7 items. And it came with one free gift. The total after discount and tax ended up as $110.49. I saved $25.40.

Here is a breakdown of what I had bought.

2 Sephora Waterproof Eye Makup Removers (original price $10.00 each for regular size).
2 Murad Clarifying Toner (original price $22.00, eligible for Skin Challenge points).
1 Murad Pomegranate Exfoliating Mask (original price $22.50, eligible for Skin Challenge points).
1 Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Cream for Face, SPF 55 (original price $19.50 for a travel size. The travel size gives more product per unit price if compated to their regular size.)
1 theBalm Down Boy Blush/Eyeshadow (original price $21.00. The only new product in my collections).

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I love these products, and have been trying hard not to use the last bit until I have restocked them.

Sephora Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover (left) is my favorite, since it is reasonably priced and work better compared to quite a few of the makeup remover I have tested. Lancome Bifacil is the only one that I feel works better than it, but it also 2.5 times more expensive than this Sephora remover.

I have tried 7 types of toner, and I like the Murad Clarifying Toner (middle) the most. When mom was here, she too fell in love with it, and I bought one for her to bring back to Malaysia. It is the product that made me a Murad believer. I like how refreshing my face feels everytime after I apply it. A little goes a long way. And for some reason, my face feel extra smooth when I apply this toner with my moisturizer.

Another favorite of mine - the Murad Pomegranate Exfoliating Mask (right).  This is my go-to mask during summer, as the mask gives a very exfoliating effect. Also, I love the great smell of this mask, so easy to apply and my skin feels smooth and hydrating after the application. The only down side, it is a bit expensive for only 6 packs. Instead of using 1 time per pack, I actually can divide them into 5 times from a single pack. That gives me 30 applications per box.

I still have some Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Cream for Face. This thing is great! I survived the strong sun ray this summer thanks to it. Even after 6 hours under the hot burning sun, my face literally remain save. I am restocking this for next year summer! :P

Sun protection, hydration and nourish my skin are the main three things that I feel keep my skin ages slower. There is never a term "too young" for a woman's skin, especially on the face. ;)

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Among my purchases, this was the only beauty product. I spotted one of the Sephora SA beautiful cheek a while ago, and I "stalked" her to ask what blush she used. When she mentioned theBalm, I didn't even know such brand exists.

After trying it on today, application by the same SA, I love it! Although it is quite expensive for a blush, I think it worths the price since I only need a little bit to give beautiful flush on my face.

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Another excited thing from this purchase. Since I have accumulated 4 Skin Challenge points, I could claim my free Skin Challenge gift. I decided to get a DDF Protect and Correct (1.7 oz) which just came in. This free gift would have cost $60 for normal purchase, so this is definitely such a worthy gift. I just hope it will not breakout my skin, that's all I'm asking.

Review posts on these products will be written when the right moment comes. ;)

I am very tempted to buy two brushes, which would cost $50 before the sales and tax. But after giving much thought, I decided to make it a full stop here. Will just wait for the next F&F sales next year for another adrenaline rush. :P

Now all I need is the Urban Decay Friends and Family sales.

XOXO, Fish Fish 


Cosmetics Aficionado said...

Nice! I am waiting for the Urban Decay sale too.

Fish Fish said...

I hope it is coming next week!