Friday, November 12, 2010

Hauls: Estee Lauder, Origins and Benefits

Just a very short update. Life has been really busy this whole week. I will try to take some nice photos tomorrow and write my MUFE Train Case reveal.

Meanwhile, today I did three purchases with three different brands.
Estee Lauder.

Do you know Estee Lauder and Coach are having a collaboration for Holiday 2010 Gift Sets? Read here for more details.
I went to Macy's, and bought a bottle of Sensous Noir ($48 before tax) to enable me to buy the Red version ($35 before tax). Ended up paying $90.26. It's a pre-sale, so I could only get my things on 24 Nov.
Probably will go to Nordstrom to get the Silver version too.

In Macy's too, I bought 2 Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask ($42 before tax) to get their Holidays free gift. A sample size scrub, cleanser and eye serum. Ended up paying $45.68. Another pre-sale, will be allowed to pick up my things on Nov 20.

Then, for the excited part, J tagged along with me for the V.I.B. Kick Off evening. She was not a V.I.B., so I asked her to join me for the 20% discount time. We were there 10 min before 6 pm, and the crowds were insane. There were already two long lines formed to pay at the counter even before 6 pm. J and me were taking turn to secure our spot in the line. In fact, many of the ladies were doing that with their girlfriends.

I was glad my favorite SA, Nicole was there. She helped J to get a few things she wanted to try. I only got one thing, the Benefit Some Beauty To Love ($29 before tax and discount). The whole set contains $76 value of products. But the main reason why I bought this was for the Coralista ($28 before tax when buy alone). And now, with only $1 extra, I got a full size eye brightener, a sample size mascara and a generous sample size face primer. I love the small box that came with them. And with 20% off, plus I get to have a nice small Sephora tote with any purchase. I was pretty lucky, as the tote was one of the last few remained. Although my friend was initially not a V.I.B., she bought more than $200 worth of products, even after discount. And with her previous $150 purchase, she just turned a V.I.B. too. However, the lady at the counter did not allow her to claim the tote. Luckily, Nicole helped by giving one to the just turned V.I.B. J. Nicole is definitely making a smart move, because I know J will be one of the regular customers of Sephora from now on. I have went to shop a few times with her, and I can totally see the hidden shopaholic side of this girl. LOL (Ok, I admit sometimes I am one too.)

Oh, one more thing, we got free Godiva chocolates that evening. And when we left, there were still a very long line building up. It's definitely a hot hot night for Sephora.

It's been a fun experience. I  love being a V.I.B.! And it doesn't matter if ladies know each other, as long as when it comes to shopping, we can be enabler for each other to buy more things when are flocked together. Yike! Talking about same feather.

Ok, this post is not super short after all. Good night.

XOXO, Fish Fish


hoyoyi said...

fish fish,

looking forward for your post, the experience with Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask ...

Fish Fish said...

Hoyoyi, ok. It will come up next week.