Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Personal: My most expensive haul

Yesterday the Hubby and I succeeded in our $150 per month challenge. Read the details here.

Anyway, after thinking about a purchase for a few days, I finally made my order on Sephora.com this morning.

It is definitely one of my most expensive beauty haul to date.

Curious? See the photo after the click. ;)

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All of these is a single product! It is named MUFE Rock For Ever Dany's Essentials set.

A train case with 28 full size items and 1 travel size item by Make Up For Ever (MUFE).

I have wanted to try MUFE for quite some time, and have planned to get some during this F&F sales. Then, I learnt about this Limited Edition set from Purseblog Forum.

At first, I was stunned by the expensive price. But after seeing each product online and in real life, the whole set grew stronger on me. And I really like most of the color selections in this set.

The original price if being purchased individually will cost $597 (not even including the train case and tax). But in this set, with the train case, they are priced at $299. And now, with the F&F sales (20% discount), I get another $60 off. My final price even after tax is $260.13.

That is almost like a 60% off of good quality products! And I've been wanting a proper train case for a long time (although I am not sure if the quality of this train case will be disappointing), no harm to get it for free.

Now I just need to wait for it to be shipped, and jumping up and down the moment I receive "it".

You bet there will be a lot of reviews for this single order. :P

XOXO, Fish Fish


Cosmetics Aficionado said...

Awesome haul!! I wish I had been able to get the eyeshadow palettes they put out awhile ago. Expensive and LE. *sigh*

Melissa said...

Awesome. Impressive........

Fish Fish said...

Leticia, which eyeshadow palettes are you talking? Do you remember the name? I know the products inside are good, I just really hope the train case will be equally great.

Melissa, it's a guilty pleasure for me. Yike!